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Garden & Gun
Home & Garden

April/ May 2021

"Inside a Dreamy Beach Bungalow"

House Beautiful

August 2020

"How to Create a Gallery Wall Like a Designer"

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Apartment Therapy

August 2020

"It's Official: These Are the Best Colors That Go with Red"

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Southern Living

December 2019

"Beautiful Spaces- Inside and Out"

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F. Schumacher Style Dispatch

May 2019

"Down South"

Southern Living

January 2019

"10 New Rules for Cottage Style"

Style Blueprint

January 2018

"Deconstructed Style & Simplified Design Offer a Breath of Fresh Air"

Southern Living

November 2017

"Get Creative with Turkey Plates"

June 24, 2016

"24 interior design instagrams giving us LIFE this summer"

Style Blueprint

December 2015

"This Home Exudes Casual Holiday Elegance'"

Southern Living 

December 2014

"Home for the Holidays"

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Southern Living

January 2012

"Warm All Over"

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Birmingham Home & Garden

January/February 2021

"Vintage Meets Modern"

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Apartment Therapy

August 2020

"10 Color Combinations That Make Purple Feel Sophisticated and Cool"

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August 2020

"30 White Paints That Will Make You Rethink This Staple Shade"

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Garden and Gun

October 2019

"G&G at Discover ADAC"

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the Edit by SCHUMACHER

October 2019

"Where to Shop in Georgia and Alabama, According to Designers We Trust"

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Style BluePrint 

August 2019

"Interior Design Crush"

Birmingham Home & Garden

September / October 2018

"Memories In the Making"

Style Blueprint

January/February 2018

"Color Scheming"

Garden & Gun

October / November 2017

"Return to Form"

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Birmingham Home & Garden

January / February 2016

"Antiques in the Gardens 'Tastemakers'"

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Birmingham Home & Garden

May / June 2015

"Rooms to Grow"

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Birmingham Home & Garden

September / October 2014

"Design Counselor"

Birmingham Home & Garden
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